About Indo-British Mining Company

IBMC Holding PTE. Limited is a trading and mining company incorporated in Singapore and also representing in South East Asia. We aim to assist our partners to achieve maximum results in their mining business with our expertise, field-knowledge and experience. We had the ability to source material from various sources which gives us flexibility in this ever-changing supply and demand fluctuations.

The world of commodities is a fast-paced world that relies on political, financial, geographical, logistical, legal and incidental information. We had the skill, experience and networks gathered from our personnels to accurately obtain these information.

IBMC Holding PTE. Limited strives in innovations to achieve its goals to grow and create endless opportunities for both the company and its associates. We are constantly requested to share our advices on investment strategies and had proven our reliability to meet these demands.

Our Aims

IBMC Holding PTE. Limited seeks to expand with new partners to the trade. And to manage risk effectively, each new trading partner is summarily assessed by our risk management team which would enable us to avoid potential difficulties in the future.