• Manganese Ore
  • A high-quality Manganese Ore
  • An ore ship loading manganese
  • An open pit coal mine in Indonesia
  • Palm oil plantation in Indonesia
  • Iron Ore deposit
Manganese Ore1 A high-quality Manganese Ore2 An ore ship loading manganese3 An open pit coal mine in Indonesia4 Palm oil plantation in Indonesia5 Iron Ore deposit6

Indo-British Mining Company

IBMC Holding PTE. Limited is a private trading entity located in Jakarta, Indonesia. We are active globally in international physical commodity trading and investments, including trading of Manganese Ore, Iron Ore, Coal and Palm Oil.

Our core business focus is the sourcing and marketing of a range of commodities to various industrial consumers around the world.

We have a very strong presence Indonesia and specialize in combining both local as well as international knowledge in order to provide maximum service to our clients.

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